Well.. no one would ever have dreamt or imagined  that this would be happening right now.. would they? It seems a dream that we will all wake up soon or a film we’re all taking part in. 

How are you all feeling? Are you all coping? It’s just a good job the weather is lovely or all this could seem a lot worse! 

Covid19…. Well we’re into our 5th week of lockdown and I’m now feeling actually more  relaxed and enjoying the time spent here with my family.  The first week of lockdown  I just worried, cried and had a total wobble. I couldn’t see any way of how we were all going to get through this. It seems like life had just come to a stop, well it had hadn’t it? I worried for my girls, for their jobs at the salon but I knew I had to do everything right to protect myself, them and our clients. 21 years the salon has been open and this is the worst time we have ever had to get through… but we will…And …. I sit here now  feeling more positive than ever. 

I’ve been working behind the scenes on things I’ve wanted to do for a long time but just not got round to doing it because I’m so busy . I’m enjoying  the time with the kids laughing and just chilling out. It’s been great not having to rush about in the morning to schools, work, after school activities and so on, and I’m sure most of you can relate to this.. . It’s been nice to just take this time to reflect on the things that really matter. But… I am missing work so much and cannot wait to be back in salon. . Being hands on with my job, I need to use them! So this is why I’ve taken to writing this.. 

I’ve started courses, I’m “trying” to get up to date with accounts, I’ve (well hubby) has set up our online vouchers something I’ve wanted for ages.. I’ve cleaned out all the kitchen cupboards…. Well almost…. I’ve cleaned the windows… and OUTSIDE DOORS! … I can’t remember the last time I cleaned my front & back door. Is this just me?? , I’ve gutted the house… only to have it messed up again real soon with the family..I’ve started walking!!!!  I’ve done alsorts. 

Having this time has given me a clearer head… we spend so much time worrying over things we cannot change…. We spend so much time being so busy with just life… it’s sad to say and I’m sure a lot agree that it has taken something like this…. Something to make the whole world stop!! To realise what we have and just to realise life itself.. life is precious… but we take everyday for granted.. we’ll I hope I don’t anymore I won’t anymore.. 

So…. let’s hope it’s not to long before we all meet again in salon… not too long before we’re extending them lashes, microblading  them brows & manicuring those nails! Along with other things and just having the best chats and laughs in salon like we do…

Until then…. 

Take care

Stay safe

Maria x