Semi permanent / Permanent Cosmetics / Microblading.

Are you thinking of having your eyebrows done? Microblading? Digital machine brows? Micropigmentation? Do you know about semi permanent make up? Permanent make up? All sounds a little confusing? Well read on and let me explain a little.

Whether you call it semi permanent make up or permanent make up it’s the same. The colour is semi as it will fade and lighten up over time and retouches are required to keep the brows looking their best  but is permanent as the pigment stays in the skin….forever…

Firstly let me introduce myself, My name is Maria and I have been performing permanent cosmetics now for around 18 years. I have trained with several companies in both digital brows  and microblading. I have recently passed my level 4 in permanent cosmetics which is the highest certification in permanent make up there is so let me assure you you are in the safest of hands when it comes to hygiene and of course the brow procedures. I was awarded microblading expert of the year 2019 by the British hair and beauty awards and am a finalist again this year 2020. I am always learning, with the fast changes of this industry you have to so I probably revisit several courses a year to keep me up to date and refreshed. 

Microblading came about around 5/6 years ago and everyone went crazy for microblading eyebrows! So after a lot of research I decided that I would train with the best companies and offer this method alongside digital brows to my clients. So what’s the difference? …

Well, not too much really…one method is done by using a machine and the other is a hand tool, basically they are different methods  of getting pigment into the skin to create eyebrow hair strokes or a more fuller eyebrow,  so, digital brows are performed by using a machine, the machines needle  is set at a certain depth to deliver  pigment into the skin. The machine very quickly pushes the pigment into the skin placing colour and hair strokes or shading where desired. The machine brow is, in my opinion best for the ombré brow and where brows require shading. Digital machines can also be used for eyeliners and lip tattooing whereas microblading is just eyebrows. . Microblading is the hand tool method technique where pigment is placed into the skin manually with a needle. This creates fine hair strokes and can create very natural looking eyebrows. Shading can be done with this technique also. The hair strokes with microblading can be a little finer than with machine. With the hand tool  method the pigment is placed more superficially in the skin. Your skin type will also play a big part in deciding which method is best for you, I.e. For someone with a really oily skin the machine method would be best. 

Permanent make up is fabulous and is my passion, it’s what I perform most of now in salon. It’s great for those who have no eyebrows, over plucked eyebrows or simply to enhance on what you already have, but over the years I’ve seen so many changes in permanent cosmetics and am now more sided to “keep them natural”,  draw on that little bit more if needed when your going out, these big brows people are having now…..are they still going to want them in say 5,6 years time? I like to work with what you have and enhance on it.. that way if you do decide for change on your retouch it’s a heck of a lot easier .. what I don’t recommend you have is a BIG BROW then 12 months time the skinny brow is back! Keep it real… keep it natural…. 

The most asked question is does it hurt? And my answer is…. No.. but again everyone is different. 

For most clients it is absolutely fine and they don’t feel a thing but some  may feel a little discomfort but I use topical creams  pre and during treatment to make you as comfortable as possible. 

Still thinking? During your consultation I’m already looking at your skin and listening to your requirements to then decide which brow method will be best. I will usually always recommend but we work together. Your skin, medication, medical conditions  and lifestyle plays a massive part in the final healed colour and how long the brow will last. Gone are the days where we used to have brows lasting around 5 years… techniques and methods have improved and changed. We look to see you again for your retouch treatment around 12 months. Microblading being more of the natural look may require treatment retouches a little sooner but again everyone is different. Some may go even longer before retouches are needed.

Eyebrows are individual to everyone. Colour, shape and design. We work together to create your bespoke  brows. 

Permanent cosmetics is a big decision and I always advise for my clients to have full consultations and do their research. 

Remember eyebrow tattooing, microblading, digital brows, semi or permanent make up whichever you prefer to call it is permanent. Make sure your artist is qualified, licensed and mostly insured. 

The cheapest option is never the best option. It can cost a lot of money and time to remove bad eyebrows. 12 months ago I invested and trained in laser tattoo removal as a result of seeing cheaply done eyebrows from elsewhere. Don’t put a price on your face…. 

I hope this has helped you a little understand permanent cosmetics. Not only are eyebrows made amazing but fabulous eyeliners and lips too! 

I look forward to meeting with you at your consultation 

Maria x