Tattoo Removal

Do you have a tattoo regret? Do you wish that ink you had done years ago while maybe younger you wish you never had now? Or maybe a tattoo you had on holiday after a few sangrias now was the worst decision ever?
Don’t worry, your not alone, We’ve heard so many people’s stories as to why they had a tattoo and now they wish they had never had it done. Believe me I’ve heard some interesting stories too but many are simply that we think they’re a good idea at the time but over the years we simply grow out of them.
Tattoos can be beautiful, I actually do really like some. I think they can show a persons personality and some can tell life stories.. But what happens when you have outgrown them? You think there’s nothing you can do? You have to live with it and spend the rest of your life covering it up?. No.. you don’t..

At Split n Polish Maria (myself) & Kayleigh trained in February 2019 in tattoo removal and ipl hair removal.

I have done permanent cosmetics now for around 19 years and over the years have seen many brows (from elsewhere) that I can simply not correct, the only option for these clients is laser tattoo removal… so.. over the years this got me thinking. I wanted to train in laser to remove these old brows and start all over again. It’s so disheartening to see clients who have paid cheaply for eyebrow cosmetic treatments, gone into having it done with very little knowledge about the treatment, absolutely hate them and then realise that they simply cannot just have them “fixed”. I’ve always wanted to help these clients and not just send them away with other advice I knew one day I would get my laser machine and I would be able to make a client smile about her brows again. I have done brow tattoo removal and it’s been very successful after just one treatment to allow me to work and create a new brow for these ladies.

After 2 years of research I finally found a company in yorkshire who I felt confident in. These machines were the newest to the market and the one I found was a massive investment but I was then able to offer not only tattoo removal for permanent cosmetics but also tattoo removal for body tattoos and also hair removal! Fantastic! … so the wait was worth it as I can now offer multiple treatments with my machine.

I researched the insurance needed, , I researched the company, I researched the machines I researched just about everything!

And then finally took the plunge and booked our training. It was very intense. Firstly before we could get hands on training and start anywhere we had to sit and pass our “Core Of Knowledge” now, this was probably one of the hardest scientific exams I have ever done, so intense but hey with what we’re training in we need to know absolutely everything..

Then myself and Kayleigh took ourselves away on a little 2 night stay to Yorkshire to begin our training.

So, that’s a little about why and how I became a tattoo removal specialist.

Now about the treatment…

The first thing people ask is “does it hurt ?” Now, I’m not gonna lie, did it hurt getting your tattoo done? Well, it will probably feel kind of the same. Everyone’s pain threshold is completely different.

A thorough consultation and patch test is needed prior to your first treatment. A patch test will show how the skin responds to the laser and as to what setting you are comfortable on. We give the patch test up to 2 weeks (depending on your Fitzpatrick type) before your first treatment.

You just now want to know about how it works don’t you?… ok… so, our laser is “zapped” onto the skin, what basically happens is the light from the laser will “break down” and “shatter” the ink in your tattoo. The ink particles of your tattoo will absorb the light from the laser. The ink absorbs the lasers energy , heats up and will shatter into smaller ink particles. In the following days, weeks after treatment the body’s immune system “flushes” away the ink particles causing the tattoo to fade. Over a period of treatments more of the ink gradually fades and lightens up hopefully becoming ink free!

A number of sessions will be required but depending on the ink, depth and you will depend on how quickly the ink will fade and how successful the results will be. Treatments sessions are to be taken 4-6 weeks apart for a safe and successful removal.
When these treatments are performed as advised by us and the correct aftercare is carried out there is far less risk of any scarring to the skin. We have been performing tattoo removal now for over 12 months and have not, thankfully seen any scarring as we perform treatment safely.

Initially after each session the tattoo can become a little raised and red but this soon calms down very quickly, again this is why your patch test is important so we can see how the skin reacts. Aloe Vera can be applied to calm the skin and an SPF of 30+ is advised, especially while in the sun.

After performing these treatments and on different types of tattoos and colours we have seen amazing results. We can never guarantee 100% removal. But, until you start treatment you never know.

So, what are you waiting for.. if you want to get rid of that tattoo or simply want to fade your tattoo for a cover up tattoo then get in touch and start your tattoo removal journey with us now.

Remember, you will always need to be patch tested and have a full consultation with us.

I look forward to meeting with you..

Maria x